Fur Storage

According to the Fur Information Council of America, the first step in caring for your fur is as follows: "Always store your fur garments in cold storage when you are done wearing them for the season or not using them." At Peter Duffy New York, we offer pick up and delivery service to transport your garments to and from our in house storage vault.
Call to schedule a pick up today. (212) 695 - 6161

Cleaning and Conditioning

In order to maintain the useful life of a fur garment, the Fur Information Council of America has made the following statement regarding cleaning and conditioning: "Your fur may not look dirty, but it is important to remove small abrasive dirt particles and chemicals and keep it soft." In addition, FICA reminds fur owners that their garments must be cleaned by a furcare specialist, "never a dry cleaner."
Call today to schedule cleaning and conditioning for all of your fur garments. (212) 695 - 6161

Repair, Alter, Remodel, Convert

At Peter Duffy Furs, we provide you with the opportunity to:
            -Repair any rips in the garment. We recommend that repairs be made immediately in order to prevent larger, more expensive rips in the future.
            -Alter your garment by reducing the shoulders, raising arm holes, shortening, and tapering.
            -Remodel your garment into an updated new style.
            -Convert your fur into a fur lined garment using rain fabric or cashmere.  
All work is done in our workshop on the premises.

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