Collection 2018
Mahogany Mink 3/4 Coat
Reversible Sheared Beaver Jacket with Rain Fabric & Fox Trim
Black Sheared Mink 3/4 Coat with Blackglama Mink Trim
Luxurious Mahogany Mink Wrap
Brown Plucked Mink Jacket with Chanel Style Collar & Rex Scarf
Mahogany Mink Shrug
Black Loro Piana Cashmere Cape with Mink Trim
Blackglama Mink Hooded Jacket
Black Fox & Leather Reversible 3/4 Coat
Garnet Quilted Madison Travel Coat
Loro Piana Cashmere Coat with Blackglama Mink Trim
Mahogoney Mink Belted 7/8 Coat
Reversible Fox 7/8 Coat
Loro Piana Cashmere Vest with Mink Trim and Jacket
Chinchilla Shrug
Shearling 3/4 Coat
Fur Lined Rain Jacket
Blackglama Mink Vest
Russian Sable Jacket
Black Shearling 3/4 Coat
Reversible Rain Travel Jacket with Mink Trim
Fur Lined Raincoat
Blackglama Mink Jacket
Silver Fox Vest
© 2015 Peter Duffy